It would be impossible to compile all of the information necessary for these articles without several sources for statistics, information, and details regarding player contracts and history. This is a fairly comprehensive list of useful sources for any football fan who prides themselves on knowing everything they can about their team.


I feel like Captain Obvious from the commercials, but twitter is where you will find all of the breaking news before it hits most media outlets. Follow any ESPN or NFL Network reporter you can find, as well as all of the players from your team.

Draft Breakdown:

Highlight tapes will suffice for a casual fan, but there is no way to scout a player unless you see both the good and the bad. Draft Breakdown is the perfect resource for draft enthusiasts, providing cutups of almost every player in that year’s field. This free site compiles a wide selection of games for fans, each cut down to about five minutes. Draft Breakdown is a lifesaver, as it would otherwise be almost impossible to find such a wealth of film on so many different players. All of the film I reference in The Deep End’s draft profiles come from Draft Breakdown. It is by far the most helpful site throughout the draft process.

Over the Cap:

Over the Cap is an incredibly helpful website which breaks down all of the contracts for each NFL team. The website tells you what the cap hit is for each deal, divided into specific categories. The site has a calculator that computes the dead money cap hit each team would incur from trading or cutting a certain player. This is an invaluable source when evaluating the true impact each player’s contract has on their team. Dolphins fans should use this site to look at the true impact of any new deals for the team. This site is my source for all contract numbers in The Deep End’s pieces.

Rotoworld & Pro Football Reference: and both provide year-by-year breakdowns on player statistics and history. Both sites present a career’s worth of information in a concise and digestible way. Rotoworld has more contract-based information, while features a useful draft tab, which shows where a player attended college and a brief scouting report from that year’s evaluation process.

Pro Football Focus:

Pro Football Focus gives advanced statistical analysis on the performance of each team and its players. The analysts at PFF use a unique methodology to give an actual numerical value to measurements that used to be delegated to a simple eye test. The website provides some information for free, but also has a subscription only section. If you are devoted heavily to your team, it is worth the $25 annual price.

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