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Fantasy Fix: Our Favorite Fantasy Matchups for Week 4 of the NFL Season

The NFL has been incredibly unpredictable throughout the first three weeks of the young season. Carson Wentz, Sam Bradford and Trevor Siemian are all 3-0, the Patriots have already won the AFC East (basically), and the Los Angeles Rams are leading the division over NFC favorites, Seattle and Arizona. It’s such an amazing feeling for football fans knowing that it’s

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Fantasy Fix: Our Favorite Fantasy Matchups for Week 2 of the NFL Season

Well folks, it’s officially Week 2 of the season and I’d say about half of you are already eliminated from postseason contention. Never fear, as daily fantasy leagues like Fanduel and Draft Kings can help you deal with the crippling doubt you’re now facing with Todd Gurley as your RB1. Follow my advice (and ignore Cobi’s) and you’ll find yourself

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Fantasy Fix: Our Favorite Fantasy Matchups for Week 1 of the NFL Season

It’s finally the time of the year where everyone is happy because football is back and better than ever. Now that the media has turned football into a year round phenomenon, let’s take a look at a few of the major storylines from this offseason: First off, the defending Super Bowl Champions lost an undisputed Hall of Famer and arguably

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Fins Fantasy: Breaking Down the Fantasy Value for Key Dolphins Players in 2016

So, it has recently been brought to my attention by my most adamant fans* that fantasy football season is nearly upon us. Tired of all the in depth analysis and film study I’ve done over the offseason, these fans have clamored for me to resume the award-winning** work that put The Deep End Miami on the map. Being a man

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Fins Fantasy: Guide to Week 15 in Fantasy Football

Hello, readers of The Deep End. I don’t know why I’m bothering to write this article, seeing as the vast majority of fantasy players have already been eliminated from the playoffs. Oh, yeah… that’s right. I’m contractually obligated to. Fun Fact: I’m also contractually obligated to give up my left kidney if my boss asks me to. I knew hiring a lawyer that I met in an Applebee’s parking lot was a bad idea. Hell, simply going to Applebee’s was a bad idea. Poor life decisions aside, I guess I’d better get on to this week’s fantasy matchups.

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