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What is The Deep End?

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

When I first decided to start writing about the Miami Dolphins through this blog, I requested the advice of several friends and family members. Each of them came back with the same initial question: “Where does ‘The Deep End’ come from?” After I told them my initial answer, I decided there were really two ways to answer that question, both equally true.

“The Deep End” was a section just behind the east end zone reserved for only the greatest and most enthusiastic fans of the team. These men and women attended every game, and never let their support for the team die. They were treated like celebrities, with frequent photo requests as they made the journey to their seats with the same goal as the rest of us: provide the best home field advantage possible for the Dolphins. When the team rebranded and altered the logo and colors, the Deep End vanished from the stadium.

This caused me some distress, as I never got a chance to achieve one of my ultimate goals as a Dolphins fan, which was to sit in the Deep End. I am sure that the banner still sits in the home of The Dolphins Bandit, or Dolph-Vader, waiting for a day that it can be brought back into the stadium, and for our proudest fan section to be restored. No matter what the team’s record was, or how many orange seats the TV announcers felt they had to point out were empty in the stadium, you could never find an empty seat in the

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Deep End. So, my initial answer was that this blog’s title pays homage to the benchmarks set by these great fans in loyalty, dedication, and heart. I still one day hope to join them in the next revival of The Deep End.

The other reference that came to mind when naming this blog was the deep end that many of my friends and family said I have gone completely off of. I decided that before I embarked on this project, I had to find a proper definition of the Deep End. There are two definitions I found in Miriam-Webster’s under “deep” which fit the sentiments of many fans towards the team perfectly:

1) Intensely engrossed or immersed

2) Being below the level consciousness.

There is an emotional connection with the Miami Dolphins for the team’s fans. We cannot help but become connected with this group of players each and every year. From September to February there are two types of days: game day, and the inconvenient waiting periods which stand between the games. We spend February through September waiting for football season, but more importantly for Dolphins Season. This connection sits within each Dolphins fan far beyond the reaches of logic. We do not decide to jump, scream, or throw heavy objects out of frustration. We simply do. Unfortunately we might do the last one too often (sorry Mom and Dad), but good intentions are there. The most important element of being a Dolphins fan is that you are “intensely engrossed or immersed”, and your love of the team sits “below the level of consciousness.” These qualities, within myself and within others, have inspired this blog’s title, and are the reason I have felt so heavily drawn towards creating “The Deep End”.

The connection so many people within South Florida (and beyond) have formed with the Dolphins cannot be easily described. There are people who slowly wade into the Deep End, but I find more often that people are born in the Deep End. My goal in writing this blog is to help provide information from one Dolphins fan to another. This is news, opinion, and analysis from Dolphins fans, for Dolphins fans. That being said, I hope everyone enjoys following the writing and information posted on The Deep End, and most importantly, Fins Up, Miami!



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