Seven-Round Mock Draft: Predicting Every Single Pick for the Miami Dolphins

Round 1 (Pick 22):

DE Jordan Willis – Kansas St.

Willis is your prototypical 4-3 Wide-9 style Defensive End.  He’s long, he’s strong and consistent vs. the run and pass.  Kansas St. head coach, Bill Snyder, called Willis the “Epitome of Kansas St. Football.”  He has a calm demeanor and high football IQ.  A true professional.

Jordan Willis batted down.gif

Willis has publicly said that he idolizes Cam Wake and loves to watch his film and study his habits.  What better way to learn from Wake than to stand behind him in practice and next to him in the locker room?

Jordan Willis - Agility..gif

Round 2 (Pick 54):

DB Desmond King – Iowa

Another guy that fits the mentality of a “New Miami” is Iowa DB Desmond King. He’s been described as a “Defensive Jarvis Landry.”  He may not be the fastest guy on the defensive side, but he plays the game with 100% effort and football knowledge.  He’s a gamer.

Des King 2.gif

King fits Miami in a few different ways.  He lacks the speed and hip fluidity to match up consistently outside on speedy WR’s, but he could fill the role of FS or slot CB for the Dolphins.  In fact, if drafted, Desmond King could play both.  With a hole at FS until TJ McDonald comes back from suspension (8 games), King could fill the FS role and then take over the slot CB spot for the Dolphins down the road.  Both are positions of need for the Dolphins this year.  He is a versatile playmaker with a knack for big plays, and he brings an attitude and physicality the Dolphins covet.

Des King.gif

Round 3 (Pick 97):

G Isaac Asiata – Utah

Asiata is a perfect match for the Dolphins if he’s here at 97.  Asiata is a people mover that plays big, strong, square and aggressive.  He would be an ideal choice here and a plug and play LG next to Laremy Tunsil (LT) and Mike Pouncey (C).

Asiata 2.gif

He can play a bit out of control out in space at times and can miss on some second level blocks, but his initial punch and drive up front is what makes him special.  Jay Ajayi loves to hit the hole as fast as he can and Asiata will be able to open up some quick holes for him to drive through.

Isaac Asiata.gif

Round 5 (Pick 166):

DE/LB Carroll Phillips – Illinois

Phillips is the nephew of “Uncle Luke” AKA Luther Campbell, famous rapper, University of Miami booster, and an icon on South Beach.  That’s enough for me to draft him here.  Phillips is also a very solid football player.  He is a bit undersized for a prototypical 4-3 DE, but his ability to operate well in space combined with his closing speed and quickness should make for a productive WLB in the NFL; specifically with the Dolphins.

Carroll Phillips Closing speed.gif

As a hybrid DE/WLB, Phillips can best utilize his skill set of being a better off-the-ball type pass rusher.  He takes great angles in pursuit and finishes strong with great technique and a powerful thump.  The Dolphins have formally met with Phillips, a Miami native, and reportedly have high interest in drafting Phillips on Draft Weekend.

Carroll Phillips 2.gif

Round 5 (Pick 178):

DT Tanzel Smart – Tulane

Smart is another guy that the Dolphins can add to their defensive draft puzzle.  He brings a lot to the table that doesn’t necessarily show up in the box score but can help the guys around him improve.  First off, he is terrific at the snap of the ball.  He is consistently the first guy on the line to enter the neutral zone.

Tanzel Smart.gif

After a while, his consistent penetration wears down his opponent on the other side and Smart’s production is seen.  He fits right in with the rotational DT mold the Dolphins are looking for; a penetrating DT with consistent attributes and an ability to get to the QB or  backfield quick to blow up running plays.  His lack of size may scare teams off a bit, but he is perfect for what the Dolphins are looking for in a rotational DT.

Tanzel Smart 2.gif

Round 5 (Pick 184):

TE Jonnu Smith – Florida International

Jonnu Smith is cut right out of the Dustin Keller/Charles Clay mold: a move TE with a knack for getting open in short and intermediate areas.  He has a great long stride to break away from defenders and an extensive route tree taylor-made for Adam Gase’s offense.

Jonnu 2.gif

Smith is an athlete through and through and will be a mismatch nightmare for any linebacker that is stuck on him.  He dominated the combine, putting up better numbers than consensus first round pick David Njoku.  My one gripe with Smith is that he isn’t always a hands-catcher.  However, he uses his quality route running skills to create necessary separation from his defender in order to get ahold of the ball. He has time to develop and learn from vets Anthony Fasano and Julius Thomas, and he should be able to contribute significantly down the road.

Round 7 (Pick 223):

G Corey Levin – Chattanooga

Levin faces the tough luck of having a majority of his tapes dismissed because of lack of competition, but when you turn on his tape vs. Alabama, you can see that Levin can hold his own and then some.  In the play below, Levin displays a great initial punch, knocking the DT off his place then turning inside to seal off the block and allow his RB to hit the huge hole he created for a big gain.

Corey Levin 1.gif

Any guard that can withstand a straight-lined blitz from Reuben Foster, only to turn him away from the run (below), will be just fine in the league.

Corey LEvin 2.gif

One comment

  • OK, sign them all up. I like them all as potential starters and to fill the needs of this team. I am so looking forward to this draft. Even if Coach Gase misses this article I am convinced he will make the right choices. Next year will be great! With all this defensive line help I am sure no team will run all over us.


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