Think About It: Three Reasons the Dolphins Should Draft Chad Kelly

In order to build a successful NFL franchise it is important for a team to have assets. The Patriots have been great for the last two decades because they have always been a step ahead of everyone else. Whether it was trading away a player a year before age caught up to them or signing a player a year before they maximize their talent, they strategically plan every move.

It is hard to make all the right moves. There are only a few teams that can reach max efficiency in their organization. The hardest issue is that a team can go in so many directions that can be defined as successful at the time. With that being said, teams need to figure out what is the best direction to go..

Building a 53-man roster is difficult, to say the least. Outside of the Patriots, Steelers, and maybe Packers, the league has had plenty of parity in terms of roster building over the last 20 years. Of course, the Patriots deserve their own category, but for this argument we are focusing on teams that have been relevant every year.

The most important part of creating a pool of assets is player development. When a team can turn a fifth or sixth round pick into a starter in the NFL it is viewed as a huge success. These are the guys who are usually buried in a depth chart.

It is also important to remember how many of each position a team needs. For instance,  teams needs two starting guards and one solid back up, four corners that can come in and play when an offense tries to spread them out, but a  team only needs one quarterback.

Yes, a team needs only one quarterback. The hardest thing in the NFL is to find that one quarterback and that is why the Miami Dolphins should consider drafting Chad Kelly in the 2017 draft.

Low Risk:


Sean Gardner/Getty Images North America

Kelly has had too many off the field concerns to keep track of. He was kicked out of Clemson’s football program and found himself in Ole Miss. He finished his first season with 4,042 passing yards and 31 touchdowns. The team finished with a 10-3 record, including a 48-20 win over Oklahoma State in the Sugar Bowl.

In 2016 he suffered a torn meniscus after starting the season 3-5 (even though he threw 19 touchdowns). All of these factors have resulted in a seventh-round grade for the nephew of Buffalo Bills’ Legend Jim Kelly.

The Dolphins have arguably the league’s best quarterback guru in Adam Gase. so t would be a good idea to risk a sixth or seventh round pick in Kelly. The Dolphins spent fifth-round picks on Arthur Lynch and Cedric Thompson. Neither of them played a regular season snap for the team.

Professional Atmosphere:


(Al Diaz/Miami Herald/TNS via Getty Images)

Matt Moore had no problem stepping aside for Ryan Tannehill. Moore decided to stay in Miami to help mentor Tannehill and play as his back up. Until 2016, Moore never had to play for the Dolphins. When he did play, he put up huge offensive numbers for the team. He would’ve led the NFL in touchdowns in 2016 if he played a full 16-game season. In 2017, he will return to his role as the team’s backup because Moore is a grade-A professional.

The Dolphins would offer Kelly the best chance to succeed and make a name for himself. This would give him the opportunity to grow into a true professional on and off the field.

Kelly would be a project for the Dolphins and would likely be the best route for Kelly to become a good quarterback in the NFL. Playing behind Tannehill and Moore would keep Kelly out of the spotlight, putting minimal pressure on the 22-year-old.

Another name that always comes to mind when thinking about off the field issues is Johnny Manziel. Known as Johnny Football, he had the spotlight on him from day one in Cleveland, especially as a first-round draft pick.

If Manziel went to a better organization, it would not be out of the realm of possibility that he could’ve focused more on football and become a solid quarterback. The Dolphins could learn from the mistakes of the Manziel era in Cleveland to help Kelly grow.

High Reward:


Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Tannehill is the quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. It is also likely he will be the quarterback for the next two or three years, at least. But, if his play was to decline or his asking price was to become too high, Miami may need to move on from him.

The best option would be to have a quarterback ready to step in that had a few seasons to learn the system. Kelly is an extremely talented quarterback. If he could take a few years and learn how to play in the NFL he could make a name for himself. If Gase can help Jay Cutler play well, anything is possible.

Hopefully Ryan Tannehill turns out to be the franchise quarterback the Dolphins organization wants him to be. Hopefully he is leading the Dolphins to the playoffs for the next ten years and the team doesn’t have to worry about the quarterback position.

Right now there is talk of the New England Patriots wanting a first round pick for Jimmy Garoppolo. This is why the Patriots always have assets. They can potentially trade a player who has only thrown for 500 career yards and flip it for a high pick, even if it may not be a first.

This is why the Dolphins should draft Chad Kelly. Flipping a sixth round pick for a second round pick (or more) is always worth the risk. The Dolphins need to take advantage of the talented coaching staff they have and use it to produce quarterbacks. These may not end up being franchise quarterbacks, but teams are willing to risk a lot for the chance of landing one.

Chad Kelly has the chance to be a good quarterback. He needs to be somewhere he can stay out of trouble and keep getting better. It may be a tough task for Adam Gase, but it shouldn’t be one he shies away from in the 2017 draft.

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  • Doughty, Brandon QB 6-3 217 23 R Western Kentucky
    This is the future. And Super Bowl wins. Remember where you heard it.


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