RedZone for Everyone: Games Dolphins Fans Should Watch This Sunday

Ah, yes. Your obligation as a fan of the Miami Dolphins has been fulfilled for Week 4. That means you get to experience the bliss of NFL RedZone for this week’s slate of games.

After four games, Dolphins fans haven’t been treated to very much good football. This weekend will be your chance to soak up the best that the NFL has to offer, free of the need to confine yourself to a single game.

Here is what you should keep an eye on:

Lamar Miller & the Texans: 


(Thearon Henderson/Getty)

The Miami Dolphins’ current rushing attack is a disaster. This could be partially thanks to the team’s decision to let Lamar Miller walk back in March. Now, you’ll have a chance to watch Miller take the field with his new team.

While Lamar Miller has posted solid production, Sunday will be your chance to see through the vail of fantasy football production.

Miller’s touches have come in mass quantities, and the sheer number of carries has contributed to his 269 rushing yards despite a 3.6 average.

In addition to checking out Miller, fans should keep an eye on Will Fuller and DeAndre Hopkins, one of the NFL’s most exciting duo of receivers through three weeks.

Seahawks take on the Jets:


(Photo: Seattle Seahawks)

The Jets and Seahawks are both teams that have been incredibly inconsistent through 2016. The Dolphins’ division rival will be facing one of the best teams on their schedule for this year, and the result will provide answers as to where they stand. Are they the team that dominated Buffalo in Week 2, or the group that was throttled by Kanas City in Week 3?

This will also be an exciting day at the line of scrimmage. With Russell Wilson hobbling, the Jets’ dominant defensive line will smell blood in the water. With the Seahawks having a less-than-impressive offensive line, I would expect to see a dominant display from New York up front.

The Seahawks also could attack Darrelle Revis, who has been showing his age this season. If they go at Revis frequently, it will make for an interesting showdown in that phase of the game as well.

As a whole, Seahawks vs. Jets has the potential to be a very interesting game in Sunday’s early slate.

Is Jameis the real deal? 


(Phelan M. Ebenhack/AP)

The Buccaneers have seen quite a few flashes from Jameis Winston that show he could be one of the league’s top passers. However, the team is also faced with a quarterback whose off-days can singlehandedly sink their efforts.

On Sunday afternoon, Jameis Winston will be coming face-to-face with the best defense he has played to date. Yes, he went against the Panthers’ unit twice in 2015, but this Broncos team has a different style. The Panthers will sit back and fool you in coverage, while the Broncos’ bread and butter approach means they just want to out-man you. Their edge rushers will be faster. Their corners will be stronger. They look to dominate through pure ability.

Mike Evans vs. Aqib Talib is one of the premier CB-WR showdowns on the schedule, especially because of the way Jameis Winston plays. Winston will lob up 50/50 passes to Evans, who will be looking to beat one of the league’s best corners.

If the Buccaneers’ offense can help their team come out with a win against an AFC-favorite, it will be a major sign of progress for Jameis Winston and his arsenal of weapons.

Could it be Goff time for the Rams?


(Brian van der Brug/Los Angeles Times)

The Los Angeles Rams (yup, still weird) are heading into Arizona for an important divisional matchup with the Cardinals. The Rams are in a unique place right now; thanks to their big win in Week 2, they find themselves in sole possession of first place in the NFC West due to a tiebreaker over the Seahawks.

If Seattle wins in New York early on Sunday (and even if they don’t), this becomes a massive opportunity for the Rams. Nobody expected Los Angeles to make noise in the NFC West, but they could end up with a full game lead and two important tie-breakers with a win and a Seahawks loss.

The Cardinals’ defense feasts on turnover-prone quarterbacks, and Case Keenum should have his hands full. In a normal game, I would say that the Rams would still wait on playing first-overall pick Jared Goff. However, with so much on the line, if Keenum struggles early I believe that the team could roll with Goff late.

Pressure will be cascading down upon the Rams given the performance of Eagles’ QB Carson Wentz, and other shining young passers like Trevor Siemian and Dak Prescott add to the pressure to see what Jared Goff brings to the show.

If the Rams feel that they need to make a change during Sunday’s game, it could be time for Jared Goff to make his NFL debut.

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