Introducing Exciting Changes for The Deep End Miami

Hello Readers,

Now, just over one year into our work on The Deep End Miami, I want to take a moment to lay out some of the exciting plans we have as for the site as we enter the depths of the offseason.

First, I want to thank everyone who takes the time to read our articles. When I started the site, I would have been happy to know that just a few fans were enjoying our content. Now, just over one year and almost 100,000 views in, your support has allowed us to exceed all expectations for this site. I genuinely appreciate every single person who takes the time to read our articles, and I hope that you come away knowing a bit more about the Miami Dolphins and about the game of football as a whole.

Now, I take great pride in introducing some of the branding changes we are making on the site. Our first logo served us well initially, but as we grew we wanted to have imagery that we could market as our own with character that truly reflects what we do at The Deep End Miami.

With the help of Cushy Designs, we have found that product.


Cushy, based out of Wynwood, was able to work with us to create a new logo that captures the true essence of Miami in a way that only those who hail from the region can understand. We felt it was important to invoke the classic open end zone of the Orange Bowl, as well as the skyline of Miami that we all have become familiar with from drives downtown or into South Beach.

Incorporating the imagery of our skyline and the classic visuals from the Orange Bowl were our top priorities in creating this new logo. The Miami Dolphins have a unique feel as a franchise, and that is entirely thanks to the city which they represent. We felt that instead of calling upon one specific player or figurehead from team history, we should draw upon the elements of Miami that helped all of us fall in love with this team, and this city.

In even more exciting news, we are working with Cushy Designs to create a full merchandise line for The Deep End Miami. Often, gear that represents your sports team can make you feel like you’re constantly in gym clothes. The goal of our upcoming set of products is to help you represent your team, your city, and your style, without any compromise.

We cannot share those designs with you yet, but the store should be up and running by the time we wrap up the NFL Draft.

All of this news is very exciting, and there are outstanding changes coming for the site. One thing that will not change is our content. We still plan on putting all of our effort into bringing you the type of comprehensive coverage that fans of the Dolphins lacked access to for many years.

Thank you all so much for reading, and I am very excited for everyone to see the growth of The Deep End Miami. Every single view, comment, and recommendation means the world to us. Thank you again, and most importantly, Fins Up Miami!

– Max


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