The Top 5 Plays from Jarvis Landry’s 2015 Pro Bowl Season

For the first time in his career, Jarvis Landry has been named to the NFL’s Pro Bowl. He will replace Antonio Brown, who suffered a concussion during the Wildcard Round of the playoffs.

Jarvis Landry will be the team’s first receiver selected to the game since Brandon Marshall, who was the MVP of the 2012 Pro Bowl.

Jarvis Landry set the Miami Dolphins’ franchise record for receptions in a single season, and has set the NFL’s all time record for receptions through a player’s first two seasons.

Now, Landry finally receives the recognition he deserves, in the form of an invitation to the Pro Bowl, which will be played on January 31st at Aloha Stadium in Hawaii.

In order to make the Pro Bowl, players surely need to create a strong highlight reel for that particular season. In 2015, Jarvis Landry made some spectacular plays. In all honesty, it was difficult to narrow the list down to 5. However, here are the best plays that we witnessed from Juice in the 2015 season.

 5. He Doesn’t Just Catch the Ball…

Landry End Around

Jarvis Landry set the tone for Miami’s big win over Tennessee, powering through two defenders, maintaining his awareness of the sideline, and scoring the team’s first touchdown.

This play shows you that it isn’t just about being fast: quickness and power are as important, and can be even more valuable in situations like this.

4. Miracle Grab VS. Philadelphia



For a game that was as crazy (and sloppy) as can be, this felt fitting.

Miami looked to punch it in on the goal line and take the lead, as Jarvis Landry caught one of the craziest ricochets we saw last season. If you just saw the end of the play, you might have though that he was fielding a punt.

3. The Catch of the Year


This play would have been number one had there been any importance to the game. The team was already eliminated from playoff contention, and were playing for a coach they knew would in all likelihood be gone the following season.

However, there was not a catch in the NFL more spectacular in 2015 than this. Landry earned Catch of the Year honors from with this falling one-handed snag late in the team’s game against the Colts.

In other words, he might not be human.

2. Landry’s Return Beats Washington in Week One


The Miami Dolphins needed to close out their game against the Washington Redskins in Week One. Neither team could secure a lead, and both teams seemed to know that it was a battle to see who could last longer without breaking. Thanks to Jarvis Landry, the Dolphins were able to outlast the Redskins.

This is a prime example of your best players making plays when it matters the most. Landry knew that he could help propel the Dolphins to victory in an instant, and did just that with his massive return for a touchdown.


1. Juice Jukes Out the Entire State of Texas


If this is not one of the most impressive plays you have ever seen, I want to know what league you’re watching.

Jarvis Landry functions on sheer will. He plays with immense heart and determination, both of which were on display when he gashed the Houston Texans for a massive gain in the first quarter of their Week Seven matchup. It is tough to describe this play. It really does leave you speechless.

So, we find it is best to just let the tape speak for itself. I’m sure that there will be a point in the near future that we saw highlights of this play shown again. And again. And again. And again.

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