Fins Fantasy: Which Miami Dolphins’ Players You Should Start in Week One

Attention readers of The Deep End Miami! May I have your attention please? FOOTBALL SEASON IS HERE!!!!!! Which means… FANTASY FOOTBALL SEASON IS HERE!!!!!! Which means I’ll be writing an article every week until fantasy season ends! No need to hold your applause, just let all your excitement out. I certainly am. They don’t call me “Jacob the Jubilant” for nothing. They also don’t call me “Jacob, the Hero of the Sophomore Year Dorm” for nothing, but I’m afraid that’s a story for another time. Anyway… Get HYPED for this week as I take a look at the fantasy prospects for this week’s matchup against the Washington Redskins.

This Dolphins’ showdown against the Washington Redskins just might be the best matchup that the Dolphins have this year, both offensively and defensively. In addition to having very little talent on either side of the ball, the Redskins have a penchant for failing in the most creative of ways. From drafting, and eventually benching the QB touted by many as the next great passer a mere 3 years ago (looking at you, Skip Bayless), to having a name that only a few rich old men deem acceptable, this team just radiates failure at every level. They’re essentially the Jets of the NFC. Personally, I think that the race for the first overall pick in 2016 will be between Washington and San Francisco, with Washington likely taking it. So yeah, there are definitely some players for fantasy owners to start this week from the Dolphins.

Players to Start:


Ryan Tannehill– Okay, so this one is an absolute no brainer. Tannehill is widely considered a top-10 fantasy QB, and the Redskins Pass-Defense was ranked dead last in the league last year. Their secondary is especially putrid, as even the once skilled DeAngelo Hall has lost a step due to injuries and his relatively advanced age (31). Additionally, the only skilled pass rusher the Skins have on their roster is Ryan Kerrigan, and he’s no Robert Mathis… or even Cameron Wake. All that being said, I can see Tannehill easily accrue 350 yards and 3 TDs.

Kenny Stills– Alright, so I may have been a little hasty pronouncing Kenny Stills as the Wide Receiver 1B for Miami this year. In all fairness, I wrote that article 3 months ago, well before training camp even began. Either way, he’s still(s) a starting WR and remains Miami’s most capable deep threat. Considering the aforementioned grossness of Washington’s secondary, and their penchant for giving up big plays, I like Kenny Stills as a flex or WR3 option this week based on his matchup. I’m definitely starting him at my flex this week, as I realistically can see him go over 100 yards and a TD against the weak Washington secondary. I also make no apology for my Still(s) joke, even if every other article written about Kenny Stills this week made it. Let’s just operate with the assumption that their articles that are all days older than mine got the idea from me.

Jordan Cameron– Everything I wrote for Kenny Stills applies here. Cameron is a hyper-athletic TE and specializes in running down the seam and beating linebackers with his speed. Look for Cameron to get some shots downfield this week against a very undisciplined Skins’ secondary. Also look for red-zone opportunities as well. I like Cameron for 65 yards and a TD this week.


Dolphins’ Defense/ST– It may seem like an easy call to start the Dolphins’ Defense this week, and for the most part it is. But as bad as the Redskins are, they do have some talent on offense. Kirk Cousins can actually pilot an offense to put up points, he just makes an asinine amount of mistakes while putting up said points. Desean Jackson is one of the NFL’s premier deep threats, Pierre Garcon is one year removed from leading the NFL in receptions, and Alfred Morris is quietly a good running back. That’s not to say I’d be particularly scared of any of these players, it’s just something to think about. Ultimately, with how good the Dolphins’ defense is, and how mistake prone Cousins is, they’re a good bet to score big this week between sacks and interceptions.

Proceed with Caution:


DeVante Parker– Due to Parker’s placement as 4th on the depth chart, his foot injury, and the fact that rookies tend to start off the year slowly, I would avoid starting him this week. Honestly, I wouldn’t even consider starting him until he earns the third spot from Greg Jennings.

Lamar Miller– Yeah the Redskins’ Defense is really bad, but the run defense actually looks like it could be adequate. With Terrance “Pot Roast” Knighton eating space as the nose tackle I imagine it will be fairly difficult, even for a running back as good as Miller, to run inside. I’m not saying you shouldn’t start him, I just wanted to convey the point that the Redskins’ run defense may be better than advertised.

Stay Away:


Andrew Franks– Wait… what happened to Caleb Sturgis? There hasn’t been a draftable Phins’ kicker since Dan Carpenter left. Franks could be good, but I’m not taking a rookie kicker in his first start.

Basically any player on the Redskins– I’ve already drilled it into all your minds that the Redskins are just terrible. Fantasy Owners may be forced to start Alfred Morris or Desean Jackson due to high draft pedigrees. If you have Alfred Morris, try to find a better option if you can. Starting Desean Jackson wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Cousins has a pretty good deep arm, and the Dolphins’ secondary isn’t fantastic, but let it be known that I don’t love any of their chances for a strong fantasy showing (especially with the pass rush Cousins will be facing).

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