Ducking Out: Breaking Down Dion Jordan’s 2015 Suspension

After being handed a one-year suspension, the Dolphins’ first-round pick from 2013 will likely leave the team with the worst possible label for a young athlete: Bust.


Dion Jordan has been suspended by the NFL for the entirety of the 2015 season as a repeat violator of the league’s substance abuse policy. Multiple reports have revealed that Jordan did not fail another drug test, but was discovered to have diluted a past sample. Miami released a statement earlier this morning, essentially saying what every NFL team always says whenever a player is suspended for substance issues (they hope Jordan can recover, and are disappointed by the development). According to Armando Salguero (beat writer for the Miami Herald), the Dolphins’ internal sentiment is not linear with the public address; they are incredibly upset with Jordan’s lack of responsibility (and rightfully so). It has also been revealed that the Dolphins had already known of a potential long-term suspension, and had been planning for the absence of Jordan in 2015.

dion-jordanThere is little-to-no doubt that Dion Jordan has played his last snaps for the Miami Dolphins. The question now is how the team will recover from this setback, and what impact it will have moving forward. Luckily for Miami, pass rushers are not on the team’s list of desperate needs, with Cameron Wake, Ndamukong Suh, Derrick Shelby, Olivier Vernon, and Terrance Fede, all expected to be ready for a productive 2015. Despite not having a huge impact for the upcoming season, wasting a top-5 pick (and the compensation that was needed to move up that year) has a ripple effect for the team, and is just another setback for an organization that was plagued by very poor drafting. The last detail, which brings the team’s fate full-circle: Dion Jordan was the last first-round pick selected by Jeff Ireland in his time with the Miami Dolphins.


Reports have also circulated that Jordan was almost dealt to the Philadelphia Eagles before he was suspended. This would have left Chip Kelly one more season (and a possible 5th year option) with the ex-Duck after his suspension was lifted. It is not hard to believe that Kelly would have given up a minimal (and conditional) draft pick to acquire Dion Jordan for those extra years on his contract, as he appears hell-bent on assembling Oregon’s east coast satellite team in Philly. Even though this trade didn’t pan out, it likely makes very little difference for the Dolphins, as the picks would have been in the 7th round and most likely conditional upon his availability. While there was initially great hope for the freakishly athletic pass rusher in Miami, Dion Jordan has played his final snaps for the Dolphins, and has almost certainly cemented himself as the worst draft-bust in team history.


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