Fantasy Outlook: Miami Dolphins’ Receivers & Tight Ends

Examining the Fantasy Potential of Kenny Stills, Jarvis Landry, Jordan Cameron, and Dion Sims Heading Into 2015

The fan base of the Miami Dolphins holds some of the most attentive, avid, and engaging fantasy football players in the country. This is purely because they need something to take their minds off of actual football, and what better way to remove yourself from reality than with fantasy. This piece will examine the Dolphins’ receiving options, and their potential fantasy impact in 2015.

Jarvis Landry:

Barring unforeseen circumstances, Jarvis Landry will enter 2015 as the Miami Dolphins’ number one receiving option. In his rookie season, Landry posted 84 receptions for 758 yards, Oakland Raiders v Miami Dolphinsand 5 touchdowns. These numbers do not seem stellar, but if Landry progresses in his second season as much as he did through just 16 games in his first year, fantasy owners will have a very solid receiving option on their hands.

There is no reason to draft Landry too high, as he will be available as a solid late round player for anyone’s roster. It is safe to assume that Landry will post 6-10 points on an average week, with a few big games sprinkled in between. The biggest threat to Landry’s progress is the sophomore slump, but the increased number of targets he will get this year (following the departure of Wallace, Hartline, and Gibson) will offset that. Landry is a good fantasy option at receiver (or in the flex), and could see a huge spike in numbers as he takes on a new role as Tannehill’s number one option.

VERDICT: Late Round Pick- High value as an elite backup if you have a risky group at receiver

Kenny Stills:

Much like when politicians in the same party split votes and cost each other support, Kenny Stills and Jarvis Landry could end up costing each other in 2015. Stills will spend plenty of time on highlight reels, as he uses his elite speed and ability to separate to make kenny-stillsbig plays down the field. Landry and Stills are very different options, as Landry’s will produce fewer explosive plays. That being said, Landry will almost certainly be the more consistent option on a weekly basis. Kenny Stills could be a huge bust, but if he develops solid chemistry with Ryan Tannehill on the deep pass owners could see huge output from the ex-Saints receiver.

If Stills is on the board in the last three-to-four rounds, and you find yourself without a clue as to who to select, he is worth a shot. Stills will be a solid bye week option, and has the potential to produce big plays and post solid numbers in Bill Lazor’s innovative offense. In the end, Stills could get you 16-20 points one week, and just manage 4-8 the next. He will be an unpredictable player for fantasy owners in 2015, but does have a very high ceiling.

VERDICT: Boom or Bust- Draft late or as a solid backup at receiver

Jordan Cameron:

In most fantasy leagues, it is easy to skimp on tight ends. If you can get a solid 6-12 point contribution each week, you’re golden. Jordan Cameron will fall into the low-second tier of starters at the position. The first tier consists of Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham, and arguably Jason Witten (Julius Thomas spent two years in the top tier, but his status is in question after anjordan-cameron injury plagued 2014 season, and his decision to sign with the Jacksonville Jaguars). The second tier is made up of players like Greg Olsen, Vernon Davis, Antonio Gates, and others who are solid, proven starters (these players are almost all elite on Sundays, but this categorization is strictly for fantasy). Jordan Cameron finds himself towards the later end of tier two. He will go under the radar, as he spent most of his last two seasons in Cleveland on the injury report. Despite his struggles with the Browns, Cameron could be a solid starter in Miami for fantasy owners.

The Dolphins’ loss of Charles Clay leaves Jordan Cameron as the primary tight end. His size and strength also make him the best red zone option Tannehill has had since being drafted by the Dolphins. Cameron is one of the few “Starter Quality” fantasy players Miami has going into the season, and drafting him does comes with a risk. If Cameron’s injury issues subside, look for him to make plenty of plays in the red zone for Miami in 2015.

VERDICT: Quality Starting Tight End When Healthy- your backup at the position will become very important if you select Jordan Cameron

Dion Sims:

Dion Sims is a player Miami fans have watched steadily rise in his first two seasons with the Dolphins. The Michigan State product has the size, speed, and blocking ability to be a solid tight NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Miami Dolphinsend in the NFL. Jordan Cameron’s injury history makes Dion Sims an important handcuff option at tight end. If you draft Cameron, pick up Sims with a roster spot after the draft. He will not be picked in most leagues, but could be a very solid value player. Regardless of who your starter is, if Jordan Cameron goes down with a long-term injury, look for Dion Sims to surprise plenty of people by stepping up as a high quality replacement. He will be an important rotational piece for the Dolphins in the upcoming season.

VERDICT: Undrafted Free Agent/Waiver Wire Player- will be available almost all season, and fans should rush to pick him up if Jordan Cameron goes down

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